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What is Smart IPTV pro and Smart player live?

Smart IPTV pro and Smarter player Lite are amazing video streaming players specially designed for users who want to be able to watch live IPTV channels, VODs, series on their devices, such as mobile phones, Android boxes, fire stick TV and other devices that use Android or iOS system.

Smart IPTV pro and Smarter player Lite apps are easy to use and yet very efficient with powerful player, attractive and very impressive interface.

Users can log in using the credentials (name+username+password+URL) that we provide when a subscription purchase is validated.

Connection with the XTREAM CODE API (name+username+ password +URL), this method is therefore more recommended and very simple.
When purchasing your IPTV subscription, we will send you by email the identifiers that you will put on the fields as shown in the image:

The Smart IPTV pro and Smarter Player Lite applications have many features:

● Powerful Video Player: They have a powerful video player which supports standard codices including 4K video format
● Support EPG: they show program information like program name next program information apart from that it shows full EPG with timeline for each channel.
● Add to Favorites: They allow the user to add these videos, channels to their favorite section.
● Parental Control: User can setup parental control by setting password.
● Movie info: Apps displays movie information like movie name, movie description, rating and section which contains recently watched movie logs